The most creative ideas

Pink Ladies Events and Planning Inc. is a full service event planning company that will help you meet your expectations for your event. Using our high standards and creative ideas to help organize a special and memorable event for you, we can guarantee that the guests will leave with a spectacular impression.

Penny Chan and Cynthia Tsang both embarked into this field with a strong passion to create memorable events for Vancouver denizens. With previous experience working for fashion shows, private events, weddings, and charities, we have a variety of skills that build the foundation of Pink Ladies Events and Planning Inc. Having gained much interpersonal and organizational skills throughout the years, our fervor grew from a seed to a flower. Without a doubt, we look forward to assisting you in organizing your ideal event.

our team


Cynthia Tsang

Cynthia was born in the city of Vancouver. With a strong passion for event planning, she enjoys making her events creative and extravagant.As an active traveller, the world leads her with spectacular and creative new ideas. She is confident in what she believes and uses her interpersonal skills to create lavish results. With numerous years of hospitality experience, she utilizes social media as one means of interacting with her clients to create their envisioned event.



Penny Chan

Penny was born in the city of Bangkok and immigrated to Canada at a young age. Her passion in designing and decorating has been evident since her childhood and she has allowed it to flourish ever since. Benevolent and selfless, she has reached out globally such as her fundraising in Manila and her shelter building in Mexico. She has participated in a variety of areas in event planning from corporate events to wedding showers. A passionate event planner, Penny’s experience throughout the years have inspired her to establish Pink Ladies Events and Planning Inc.